Welcome to Bloom Boutique & Formalwear!

We thought it was high time for some introductions here, so, well - there's no time like the present.  


Bloom is owned by Kristy and Gavin Seidel and is located in beautiful Jupiter, Florida.  Nope - we are not an overseas company; we are a small family owned business right here in sunny South Florida!


Kristy and Gavin from Bloom Boutique and formal weare


Kristy, having been raised in the Southeastern United States, has a love of ALL things personalized, monogrammed, and trendy. And Gavin, well, he has a love for Kristy (awww).  While both are high school teachers (English and History), their love of boutique style clothing and accessories inspired them to create Bloom Boutique & Formalwear, their first foray into business and embroidery. Through the years, clients have become friends and the business has grown tremendously.

But, through it all, Kristy and Gavin remain committed to customized goodness, finding amazing deals, and bringing you the finest accessories, gifts, and apparel.

Above all, Bloom is dedicated to its customers: past, present, and future. 

Keep an eye out here for lots more of our mom and dad advice, awesome items, and as always, perfect trends for you!


Kristy & Gavin